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With us, you will find detailed and reliable tools to protect your business against external threats. Our business page is simple, we take your protection needs in the most serious way and according to your needs, we offer tailor-made protection according to your needs. From the world's smallest antiviral client installed in seconds, to advanced manual penetration tests of your system. In addition, constant check of your own and your employees' information on Deep Web and Dark Web to prevent the sale of your login information that has been in the wrong hands. If you have open back doors in your system, we will see you together with your organization.

Do you have development projects that you need competent personnel to implement, or you need to add existing skills in the company temporarily, we can help with onshore or offshore senior developers, all according to your specific needs.

Of course, we have a solid training package and seminars where we review security, conduct and actions on the web.

Webroot delivers next generation network and endpoint security as well as intelligence services to protect companies and individuals around the world. Our smarter approach utilizes the power of cloud-based collectively smart systems to protect against danger from millions of real devices to stop real-time threat and help secure the connected values.


Defentry is a Swedish cyber security company that actively defends personal data and company data by warning when stolen references leak or sell on the black market. By monitoring and analyzing hacker forums, web pages and black stolen and leaked data sources, Defentry can alert you quickly if your information is identified in suspicious locations.


We assess risks, define and implement business strategies to optimize your security preparedness. Security Risk, Compliance and Certification, we help identify your cybercrises, document a progress plan, and carry out your remediation projects. We test deeper with manual methods. This approach

helps remove more vulnerabilities - in addition to automated tools.



Aicomy helps you find experienced developers for your IT projects. Today we work and have offices in Stockholm as well as Kiev. We achieve customer satisfaction by offering robust, scalable, safe and fully-responsive solutions that fully conform to all industry standards.




It is very common that intrusion and loss of data is due to cravings and ignorance in your own mind. Together with our partners, we tailor the training package according to your specific needs.

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